Jumaat, 13 Februari 2009

The Superb of PGL Season 3~

My remarkable visit to Istana Budaya with the presentation of Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical Season 3 which was very wonderful.

Recently, the Istana Budaya was improve very preciously to the international standard theater. I’m so surprise with the marvelous improvement done by our local professionals.

Then the presentation of PGLM3 which I saw was improve and many additional scene plus a special lighting and sound system too. Even all the artist were fully committed with their rolls and take made the show a very lively and interesting.
The props indeed gift more impact to the total presentation. As well as the plots was supported by a classical Malay dialogs that made the audience go back to the past 500 years ago where Malacca state was at the golden age, so I was so proud that our past achievement proved that our people put the a successful and to maintain the sovereignty of our past history.

I’m so lucky to get the front sitter to enable me to look closely among the artist, musicians, dancers, singers, atc. It seem that the local people were very up to date with the development of the theater ate and they give a loud up loud and this gave the more confident to the artist.

So those who are interested to see the show and admire them self please do drop by at the Istana Budaya.